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All The Tools You Need to Thrive in 2024

Unlock access to an abundance of resources from the world’s leading experts in health, wellness, fitness, and mindfulness, all in one place. Transform your life with the Thrive Bundle today. 

Cookbooks & Meal Plans

Learn how to cook delicious, healthy plant-based recipes that will fuel your body with energy and nutrition. 

Guides & Workbooks

Learn from doctors, registered dietitians, and wellness experts about how to help your body, mind, and spirit thrive.

Online Courses

Discover a new love for cooking vibrant, colorful plant-based dishes from our team of vegan chef's who make cooking fun. 

Yoga & Workout Routines

Develop an enjoyable, impactful, and sustainable fitness routine with the support of a diversity of workout classes. 

Mindfulness & Meditation

Explore different styles of meditation and mindfulness practices with our experts who will guide you through stillness.  

Plants & Gardening

Unlock your potential to grow your own food at home, care for plants that thrive, and spend more time outdoors. 

The Thrive Bundle

If purchased individually, each item in this bundle would cost $2,590. With the Thrive Bundle you can get it all for just $148 USD, and start to live your best thrive lifestyle. 



  • E-Books, Guides, and Workbooks
  • Meal Plans, Full-Length Cookbooks, and¬†Plant-Based Recipe E-Books
  • Fitness Programs
  • Yoga Routines + 25 Hour Yoga Teacher Training
  • Online Courses + Classes



Over 90% savings!

  • E-Books, Guides, and Workbooks
  • Meal Plans, Full-Length Cookbooks, and¬†Plant-Based Recipe¬†E-Books
  • Fitness Programs
  • Yoga Routines + 25 Hour Yoga Teacher Training
  • Online Courses + Classes

What's In The Bundle?

The Thrive Bundle is an incredible collection of resources from the world’s leading health, wellness and recipe experts all in one place. Unlock access to the best plant-based meal plans, yoga practices, mindfulness routines and more to help transform your life. 

SOUPerb Soups (E-Book)

@PlantYou (3.3M)

Carleigh Bodrug shares 20 wholesome nourishing plant-based soup that will warm your spirits and your home this winter and any season!

Simple Swaps (Full-Length Cookbook)

@CoconutBowls (686K)

100 plant-based recipes for breakfast through dessert, and every occasion you can think of! Brought to you by the Coconut Bowls team. 

The Friendly Vegan Cookbook (Full-Length Cookbook)

@Vegan (1.1M)
@PlantBasedonaBudget (580K)

A digital copy of the popular full-length published cookbook by Toni Okamoto and Michelle Cehn. 

Vegan Bowls (Full-Length Cookbook)

@CoconutBowls (686K)

100 easy-to-follow sweet and savory recipes, full of wholesome plant-based ingredients. Focus on nutritional insights, ingredient information, and sustainability tips.

Eat: Nourish, Energize & Thrive With Whole Plant Foods (E-Book)

@ErinStanczyk (200K)

Over 70 delicious and nutritious family-friendly recipes for every meal of the day, as well as tips, tricks and tools to help you excel on a plant-based diet!

One & Done Vegan (E-Book)

@ConsciousChris (287K) @SweetSimpleVegan (352K)

In this E-Book, you will find 10 new and easy-to-follow vegan recipes that require just one pot, one bowl, or one pan to prepare.

How to Not Kill your Plant (Guide)

@ClassyCasita (184K)

A watering and plant care guide to use alongside your Classy Casita Plant Care Tools.

30 Plant-Based Meal Prep Recipes (E-book)

@_plantbaes_ (720K)

30 delicious, super nourishing plant-based meal prep recipes by nutritionist, Sarah Cobacho.

Fit & Focused: 28 Day Fitness Guide with Recipes

@Evolve_WithVas (161K)

An overall fitness & wellness guide to help you jumpstart or maintain your healthy lifestyle. Includes 30 of simple, delicious go-to vegan recipes that everyone will love!

The Modern Tiffin (Full-Length Cookbook)

@ChefPriyanka (169K)

The Modern Tiffin houses 55 Indian inspired global recipes that are 100% vegan! Written by Indian-American Sustainable Chef Priyanka Naik.

Plant Based Mains (E-Book)

@GlowDiaries___ (214K)

A collection of 15 center-plate recipes perfect for lunch or dinner. There are familiar cozy meals that taste like a big hug, plus some lighter options that are absolutely bursting with fresh flavor and contrasting textures.

A Jump Start Guide to a Plant-Based Lifestyle

@EatPlantsProsper (24K)

This guide details vegan swaps and includes a seven day plant based meal plan, recipes and grocery list, by a Certified Holistic Nutritionist.

30 Quick Affordable & Healthy Vegan Meals (E-Book)

@OurPlantBasedWorld (5.6K)

Ever found yourself craving some delish, nutritious vegan meals but felt short on time and budget? With this guide, we're marrying speed, walletfriendliness, and all things vegan.

A Date with Dessert (E-Book)

@ChefAJ (220K)

30+ recipes of Chef AJ's famous sugar-oil-salt and gluten-free vegan desserts that are deliciously healthy and easy to make!

The Minimalists Guide to Eating Well 

@DesireeNielsenRD (52K)

A practical guide to help you simplify your healthy eating life, save money and waste less.

Planting Our Roots (E-Book)

@ConsciousChris (287K) @SweetSimpleVegan (352K)

Planting Our Roots showcases the fun and ease of recreating vegan versions of our favorite childhood recipes.

30 Nourishing Vegan Recipes (E-Book)

@Nourishing.Amy (121K)

30 exclusive sweet recipes full of colour, flavour and plant-based goodness.

Even More Vegan Comfort Classics + Just Dessert Stuff (E-Books)

@HotForFood (334K)

These stellar cookbooks by Lauren Toyota are packed with vegan recipes to feed your face! And the gorgeous photography will inspire you to get cooking. 

The Dairy Detox (Course)

@Vegan (1.1M)

Dairy is a difficult habit to kick. This two-week course makes it easy! With daily videos and recipes to guide you, you'll be enjoying dairy-freedom in no time. 

Color the Rainbow: Kids Healthy Food Workbook & Coloring Book

@DaniellaMonet (4M)

A fun and interactive coloring book for kids all about their favorite fruits and vegetables!

Healthy-Ish Comfort Food (E-Book)

@PlantifullyBased (267K)

Teaches you how to make recipes all centered around making comforting meals we know and love but made vegan. 

Mindful Masters Membership: 3 Month

@AvaJohanna (33K)

Transform your business: boost impact, income, and leadership with our exclusive breathwork membership

Simple & Delicious Vegan Meals to Thrive (E-Book)

@JanetsMunchMeals (167K)

The Simple & Delicious Vegan Meals to Thrive e-book has all the recipes and cooking tips you need to jump-start your inspiration in the kitchen this year, from soups, sides, and salads, to pastas and bowls!

Elements of Flow (Fitness Course)

@DancinBecka (119K)

Discover the art of flowing with intention as you seamlessly transition from one posture to another on your yoga mat and beyond.

7 Days of Plants Meal Plan

@CoconutBowls (686K)

Our simple, delicious and nutritious plant based meal plan designed to support your healthier and more sustainable lifestyle.

Meal Planner: 3 Month Pass (Membership)

@BetterFoodGuru (620K)

A web-based app that helps take the stress out of meals by planning your menu and subsequent shopping list using delicious and easy plant-based recipes by Betterfoodguru.

Self Made (E-Book)

@Naturally_Nina_ (153K)

A collection of all my favourite homemade staples and basics recipes, aimed to get you back into your kitchen and making things from scratch: from dips, sauces and dressings, to breads, wraps and plant based alternatives.

Meal Planning Simplified (Guide)

@PlantedintheKitchen (872K)

36 page beginners guide to meal planning including tips and steps to get started, plant-based recipes, and printable templates.

4 Week Rainbow Detox Meal Plan

@JackFruitfulKitchen (237K)

Improve digestion, boost energy, and rediscover the joy of food ‚Äď all while saving time and money!

Food Revolution Summit

@FoodRevolutionNetwork (164K)

John Robbins interviews top food experts¬†to reveal the latest breakthroughs to help you heal your body and your world ‚ÄĒ with food!¬†

Vegan Gourmet Sandwiches (E-Book)

@GregsVeganGourmet (167K)

Mouth watering photos and recipes that inspire you to embrace good food. You'll want to try it all!

Plant-Based on a Budget Meal Plan

@PlantBasedonaBudget (580K)

Toni Okamoto put her 20+ years of experience meal planning into this fantastic one-week meal plan that will save you time and money. 

Sunday Coffee 

@ItsLivB (121K)

Sunday Coffee has become a regular feature with people tuning in every week to see what we're making, from mouth-watering treats to refreshing coffee drinks!

Smoothie Bowls Cookbook (E-Book)

@CoconutBowls (686K)

Our best ever collection of 30 vibrant, healthy & utterly delicious smoothie bowl recipes, made with 100% plant‚Äďbased ingredients.

Around The World Cookbook (E-book)

@Dr.Vegan (1.5M)

E-cookbook with 35+ plant-based recipes from around the world. Each recipe presents a distinct taste that’s easy to love, and also simple and accessible. 

Yoga Strength Guide (Fitness Program)

@KrystalsYoga (78K)

A simple start guide for a stronger, healthier, fitter you with step-by-step instructions so you can build a routine.

Best Vegan Smoothies

@Vegan (1.1M)

World of Vegan founder Michelle Cehn has been blending up smoothies since she was a tot. Turn to this collection of the best smoothie recipes to kick-off the year with dazzling blends. A smoothie a day keeps the doctor away! 

Eating Whole (Meal Plan)

@VeganMichele (42K)

Easy & healthy whole food plant-based recipes with 28 day meal plan with the power to bring you to a place of health and longevity.

Protein Packed Vegan: Recipes for the Active Vegan (E-Book)

@BlkandVegan (144K)

Say hello to 10 vegan recipes that will kickstart your love for veganism! See how vegan protein doesn't have to be complicated nor tasteless, but a seamless, delicious incorporation into the vegan diet. 

Envision 2024 Year Planner (Workbook)

@VisionaryYoga (27K)

Manifest your dreams with this Vision-Setting Planner & Complimentary Session that walks you through the proven steps to realize your heart's deepest desires.

Good Gut A-Z Guide and Cookbook 

@MarriedToHealth (32K)

Guide to incorporating new and gut-restoring foods with you and your fam in mind!

It's All About the Beans (E-Book)

@GreenKai_ (196K)

Experiment and
have fun in the kitchen, using beans! Learn all about how to use beans with recipes of all sorts.

The Real Deal, Sweetie Don’t Be Too Salty, Bread and Breakfast (E-Books)

@WayToHealthKitchen (690K)

Easy plant- based, gluten- free and refined sugar free recipes that will satisfy the entire family.

Let the Plant-Based Games Begin (Guide)

@Switch4Good (141K)

Physiological benefits of a plant-based diet for athletic performance, including field-tested tools and resources for meal planning and other practical implementation techniques for athletes.

Ginger and Turmeric Growing Guide

@UrbanFarmAndKitchen (30K)

Grow your own healthy and organic turmeric and ginger right at home with this E-book and video. Nourishing recipes included!

Love Vegan Food Holiday Recipes (E-Book)

@KatieLopynski (464K)

Classic holiday recipes to help you fall in love with vegan food! The whole menu is here: cocktails, appetizers, main courses, sides, and desserts.

Vegan Baking for the Holidays (E-Book)

@The.Cake.Mama (36K)

Enjoy all of your favorite holiday baked goods - vegan style! Everything you need to have the bestdessert spread for the holidays.

Vegan Appetizers (E-Book)

@Veg.Corner (121K)

Healthy and delicious party snacks that are fun and nourishing, from dips to savory to sweet, that everyone can enjoy!

Postpartum Healing 12-Week Fitness Program

@Holixtic (225K)

Heal diastasis recti, get rid of the mom pooch, reconnect to your core, to your body, and to yourself with these step-by-step video lessons. 

Nostalgic Delites (E-Book)

@LovelyDelites (309K)

Vegan childhood candy bars that will have you feeling nostalgic with each bite. Recipes for 21 baked goods that are vegan and gluten-free!

Mindfulness Made Easy (Course)

@KatieDelimon (2K)

A self-paced program to help reduce stress & anxiety, improve emotional health, increase your ability to stay focused & calm your mind.

Sweat Roulette Card Game (Fitness Program)

@BreeeLenehan (907K)

With a mix of upper, lower, ab, full body & other funky exercises, you never know what exercise you'll get! Play against friends or enjoy a solo game on the go for a new workout every time.

Plant-Based Muscle (Fitness Program)


Plant-based fitness duo brings you the information, motivation, and inspiration to take your plant-based athlete lifestyle to the next level.

Simply Vegan: 45 Healthy & Delicious Recipes Cookbook (E-Book)

@FoodbyRach (99K)

A collection of 45 plant-based recipes that are colorful, nourishing, and easy-to-make! Includes fridge and pantry essentials, along with secrets to perfecting super thick nice-cream!

Mindful Exercise Program

@SexyFitVegan (15K)

The structure and guidance you need to get into action and align your lifestyle with the goals of a strong body and staying fit and active into old age, comes complete with video demonstrations.

Protein-Packed Plant-Based Salads (E-Book)

@MegUnprocessed (146K)

13 of my favorite salad recipes that are high in protein and fiber, to help you save time eating nourishing foods.

Shred It! 
(Fitness Program)


A comprehensive guide to setting achievable goals, burning fat, and building muscle on a whole-food, plant-based diet. 

Saucy Vegan Mama

@Healthy.Vegan.Mama (80K)

Over 30 delicious, oil-free, whole food plant-based sauces that'll take your meals to the next level - from simple to more complex recipes!

Plant Positive Journal (Workbook)

@StrongBodyGreenPlanet (1.6K)

Step-by-step guide to mastering your time and your mind while living a healthy plant-based lifestyle. This daily journal helps you feel gratitude, and focus on your succeses.

The Secret is in the Sauce (E-Book)

@TheHerbanFarmacy (13K)

Gain instant confidence in your whole-food, plant-based cooking by using dips, dressings, and sauces that can transform any meal.

Healthy Simple Mexican Recipes (E-Book)

@HealthySimpleYum (161K)

Registered dietitian nutritionist created this for those looking to improve health without sacrificing culture or favorite foods. 30 of the best authentic plant-based Mexican recipes with a full nutrition guide. 30 minutes or less!

The Vegan Mexican Way (E-Book)

@PiloncilloYVainilla (56K)

This comprehensive e-cookbook equips you with the knowledge of how to stock your pantry and fridge, and guides you on how to make all your favorite Mexican dishes without compromising on flavor.

Vegan Mexican at Home (E-Book)

@DorasTable (202K)

Twelve easy, mostly healthy, and delicious vegan Mexican recipes you can make from home that preserve the beauty and richness of the different regional cuisines of Mexico and what they represent.


Vegan Holiday Party

@VeganWhat (169K)

This will help every vegan, vegetarian, and plant-based newbie take on their next Holiday meal or party like a plant-based boss!

The Kindness Echoes (E-Book)

@TheKindnessEchoes (120K)

Recreating simple, wholesome recipes for vegan bakes and dinners. Honest, delicious food for everyone!

Simply Sweet (E-Book)

@Plant__Creations (2.2K)

Simply Sweet contains over 50 plant based recipes that are all vegan, gluten free, and refined sugar free which will be sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Healthy Plant Based Sustainable Recipes (E-Book)

@TomatoesWithLemon (42K)

This beautifully designed e-book contains community-approved plant-based recipes and support for your healthful journey.

50 Recipes for Vegan Beginners (E-Book)

@SuzanneSalehWellness (3.4K)

A 50-meal recipe book designed for beginners, offering various options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, alongside wholesome snacks - a flavorful fusion of simplicity and nutrition!

Plant Based Cooking Made Easy (E-Book)

@Natural_Minded_Mama (144K)

Plant based recipe bundle and meal plan includes 30 recipes with weekly shopping list to make life simple and make cooking fun!

Juicing Recipe Cards

@JuicingRecipes (204K)

Beautiful, quick, and easy cards for 10 fabulous juice recipes. Feel better and have more energy, replenish vital nutrients and enzymes, and make yourself and your health a priority.

25 Hour Yoga Teacher Training (Course)

@Yogalebrity (15K)

This online video program will equip you to confidently run a 30-minute home yoga class for friends & family, teaching yoga poses, their cues, modifications, prop usage, & proper alignment.

7-Day Juicing Challenge (E-Book)

@JuicingRecipes (204K)

This easy solution eliminates the guesswork! Kickstart your juicing journey. You get: 7 days of delicious juice recipes, with shopping list, challenge tracker, and end of the week assessment

Backbends: A Spacious Heart Series

@SophiesYogaSpace (65K)

Explore the depths of your heart space in a healthy & safe way. Learn a range of drills & techniques to deepen your backbends with love.

Healthy 30-Minute Vegan Recipes (E-Book)

@HealthMyLifestyle (43K)

From vibrant salads to hearty mains, a curated collection of quick and flavorful plant-based meals designed to be on your table in just 30 minutes or less. 

The Love Better Mini-Course 

@MeganSherer (13K)

A 2-part workshop to help women who want to experience healthy and fulfilling love, so they can eliminate toxic relationship patterns for good and be fully aligned in their lives.

Garden Grub (E-Book)

@ChefSummerStorm (108K)

20 Flavorful Vegan Recipes by Chef Summer Storm. Recipes that are always flavorful, satisfying, and often just like the comfort foods we all know and love! 

Yoga Mama Journey: Journey to a Happy and Healthy Pregnancy (Workbook)

@BalanceByMeghan (4.7K)

Your one stop shop for fitness, yoga, Pilates, affirmations, pregnancy supplements, baby registry checklist, hospital bag checklist, and additional resources.

Leafy Littles (E-Book)

@Mighty.Roots (1K)

Simple recipes to create and fuel wellness for your kids. Master plant-based nutrition & create lifelong wellness for your kids with the help of the pediatrician behind

Vegan Cooking Class & 20-Day Cooking Immersion Course with Chef Adam Sobel (Course)

@CinnamonSnail (46K)

A fun online cooking class where you'll learn how to make the dishes Chef Sobel served at this special historic dinner event with James Beard. Plus, daily recipes and cooking hacks featuring the most popular fan fave recipes from Turkey, India, Indonesia, Malaysia and even The Cinnamon Snail vegan food truck.

Frickin Rawsome Pizza (E-Book)

@TheRawAdvantage (44K)

Savour the ultimate raw vegan pizza experience by Chris Kendall RHN, featuring 18 favourite low-fat pizza combos, customizable crusts, sauces, gourmet toppings, and creamy cheeses, that will leave you amazed.

Magic of Gardening Course for Kids with Farmer Nick

@FarmerNick (176K)

Inspire a love of gardening and plant science in your child (ages 4+) with this 5-episode Adventures of Farmer Nick and Plant course series! Sometimes silly, always fun, hands-on learning that’ll delight and amaze children and adults alike with Emmy Award winning Nick Cutsumpas. 



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